Topic Pages: How to Find Them

There are well over 10,000 Topic Pages live on the Literati platform.  They are a place where you can find information from many of your library resources, all on one Topic, all on one screen.  There are three ways to find Topic Pages on Literati:

Keyword Search: 

Place a term in the search box and click ‘search’. Up to three relevant Topic Pages will display at the top of your results page.


Find Topic Pages: 

Click ‘Find Topic Pages” in the top tool bar to be brought to our Topic Page browse.  See screenshots below for more details.

  1. Filter by Subject:  The left column displays different subjects.  Click a subject to view Topic Pages classified within that subject.
  2. A-Z:  Browse alphabetically to find the Topic Page you are looking for.


Related Topic Pages:  

On the Topic Page itself, you will see a list of similar themes.  These links all point to Topic Pages related to the Topic Page you are currently exploring.  Click the link to be brought to that Related Topic Page.