My Literati: Individual Accounts

With My Literati find what you need, keep it, save it and use it. You can also customize your dashboard so the tools you use most are always where you want them to be.

  • Sign up for an Individual Account:
    Click the “Login” or “Sign up” button at the top left of any Literati Screen

  • Once Logged in, you can access My Literati, which will display your past saved work and favorite tools.

1. My Saved Results – MyLiterati allows you to keep your saved results for as long as your research lasts.  Save entries, Topic Pages or entire Results Lists for as long as you need them.  Simply login to MyLiterati whenever you need to access your saved results.

2. My Toolbox - Save your favorite tools to My Literati so they are at your fingertips when you need them.  Click “Edit Toolbox” to select your favorite tools, place a check in the tools you’d like to display and click ‘Apply’:

The above example shows a selection of ‘Quotations’ and ‘Person’, with Pronunciations already selected.  Clicking ‘Apply’ completes My Toolbox and the resulting box is displayed at right. Click the arrow to display the search box that allows you to run a search.



Saving Results with My Literati

Once you have logged into your personal account, you will see icons on entry pages, Topic Pages and results pages that allow you to save whatever you’d like.  Click the icon to save results.  See yellow squares below.

After you have saved your results, you can easily return to either the “My Literati” tab or the “Saved Results” option to see your full list of saved data:

Working with your saved results

  • To see the results that you've saved, click on 'Saved Results' in the navigation bar at the top of any Literati page.
  • From this page you have a number of options:
    • Emailing the results, either just the citation or the full-text of the entry
    • Printing the results using our printer-friendly version, either just the citation or the full-text of the entry
    • Exporting results to your citation management tool: EasyBib, RefWorks, EndNote, ProCite or Reference Manager.
    • Saving the citations or full-text of your entries to a file or your clipboard.