Advanced Search

Using Advanced Search

Advanced Search offers more flexible searching options.  Search within a specific group of titles, or find specific features.  To access the advanced search page, click the "Advanced Search" link beneath the search box as illustrated below.



Use the diagram and key below to learn about the features on advanced search.

  1. Any search run on advanced search will start with one of these search boxes.  (Example phrase: Martin Luther King)
    "All the words" will run a search were every typed search term will be used to search the full text content.  Martin AND Luther AND King will be searched, but may not display as a phrase.
    "Exact phrase" will look for the phrase exactly as it is typed in your search box.  "Martin Luther King" will be searched as a unit.
    "Any of the words" will search for any words typed.  Results might not include every word searched.   Martin OR Luther OR King. 
    "Without the words"  type a term in "All the words" and then a term in "Without" to filter out words.  Martin AND Luther NOT King

  2. Limit your results by collection, specific title or titles, print publication date or entry features such as images or videos.

  3. Set your result preferences. Most relevant results, longest or newest. You can also choose to only search the entry heading - the name of the article - instead of the full text. This will allow you to only find articles named with your search term.