Search Results

After running a search in a Literati search box, you will be brought to our results page. Follow the numbers on the guide below to learn more about the Results Page.

1. Topic Pages:  Up to three relevant Topic Pages will display at the top of the result set if there are topic pages relevant to the search.  If there are no relevant Topic Pages to your search, this area will not display.  Learn more about Topic Pages. (Hyperlink to Topic Page sheet)

2. Books:   If there are any books in your Credo ebook collection that contain your search term in the actual title of the book, they will be displayed here.  If there are no titles in your collection that have a title keyword match, than the "Books" area will not display.

3. Full-Text Reference Articles:  are the full text articles pulled from your Literati e-book title list.  We’ll tell you the name of the entry and book we’ve pulled it from, along with a snippet of content, the word count and included special features (images, audio, map, video).  Click the entry heading to be brought to the full text.

4. Faceted Browsing

a. Collection:  Your library may have access to special collections.  Choose this link to limit your results to only entries from those special title collections.

b. Subject:  Limit your total number of Reference Entry results by subject.  Clicking a subject will limit your results to only entries from Credo ebooks classified in that subject

c. Multi-media:  Limit your total number of Reference Entry results by media.  If there is a media file (image, audio, map or video/animation) associated with your search term, it will be listed under Media.  Click the link named ‘audio’ to see a list of results limited to those with an audio file.  If there is no specific media file associated with the search term, it will not be listed under media.

d. Person:  Limit your results to biographical entries of people related to your search term.

e. Publication date:  Limit your results by the ebook's print publication date.  This allows you to see the most current content first.

f. Entry length:  Sort total entry length - short, medium or long.

5.  Search Other Sites

These links allow you to explore your library’s other content OUTSIDE of Literati.  Clicking a link in this list will bring you to a different database’s platform in a new window, leaving Literati entirely.  These links help you extend your research by finding related information in other databases that your library has selected to aid your research.