Exploring your Titles

Find a Book

Using the ‘Find a Book’ tool allows you access to your complete Literati title list.  Click “Tools” to find the ‘Find a Book’ option and then ‘Go’ to be brought to your title list.

1. Click a subject on the left to display all titles within that subject.

2. Click the name of the book to be brought to that book’s TABLE OF CONTENTS page. The example below shows what happens after clicking ‘Animals a Visual Encyclopedia’ from our Science titles.


Table of Contents Page

Every book in Literati has a Table of Contents page and each Table of Contents page will differ depending upon the content of the book.  Each book will have its own unique areas of content.  Each area  will include fully browseable and clickable links to content.  Some headings you might encounter include:

  • Overview:  Includes book cover image, publisher info and summation of content
  • Audio:  A listing of every audio file that the book contains
  • Contents:  A literal “table of contents” showing a browseable list of links to content you’ll find in the book
  • Contributors:  Authors, editors and other contributors to that book’s content
  • Reference Entries  An alphabetical list of every entry heading
  • Images:  An alphabetical listing of every image that the book contains in thumbnail format
  • Locations:  An alphabetical list of locations referenced in the work
  • People:  An alphabetical list of every biographical entry in the book
  • Videos:  An alphabetical list of every video or animation the book contains


Example below shows Table of Contents for Animals An Encyclopedia.  Highlighted area shows “Overview” tab.  Numbers listed coincide with screenshot below.

  1. Overview area includes book jacket and basic information about book
  2. Browsable, clickable Table of Contents. This area will change from book to book.
  3. Reference Entries offers an alphabetical list of full text articles you’ll find in the book. Fully browsable and scrollable.
  4. Image scroll. Click the letter to see images beginning with that letter.  Also use the “Image” tab, located next to the “Overview” tab (see yellow box on screen shot).

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