Tools offer different ways to explore your Literati by Credo content.

Available Tools
Click the ‘Go’ button to execute the search for each tool:

1. Find a Book – Explore your full Literati title list, title by title.

2. Define – Searches all of Literati’s dictionaries. 

3. Person – Searches the full text of all Literati’s biographical entries. 

4. Images – Searches all of the images in Literati.  A great way to find one of Literati’s 400,000+ images.

5. Pronunciations – Searches every entry in Literait that contains an audio file.  A great way to find one of Literati’s over 200,000 audio pronunciations.

6. Crossword Solver – Use question marks (?) in place of the letters you do not yet have in your crossword.  You will be brought to a page with a list of possible words.  Click words to see if the definition matches your clue.  Also works as an anagram solver.

7. Quotations – Searches all Quotation Books in Literati.

8. Holidays – Searches Literati for information on how different holidays and festivals are celebrated, when they’re celebrated and why they are celebrated all over the world. 

9. Locations - Search historical and current maps from Literati’s title list

10. Conversions – Literati’s Measurement Converter.  Convert area, distance, energy, fuel consumption, temperature, power, speed, volume and weight. Note: This feature is not implemented yet.

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